Children of Indonesian Religious Leaders Make Crypto This is the Purpose.

Cibungkul.com_ The higher the Crypto rate, the more active the majority of Indonesians are looking for and choosing various tokens on various exchanges.

The hunt for Crypto coins has now penetrated into various circles, especially young people and also big figures in the entertainment world.

Recently, shocking news broke out from the son of a well-known religious leader in Indonesia who is apparently releasing a Crypto token, Wirda Mansur, the eldest son of Ustad Mansur, a name that is already familiar to the people of the country.

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All of this is known from what Wirda said in a post on his Instagram account. He said “In February 2022, God willing, I will launch a new Crypto token. I COIN (Koin Indonesia) Coinnya Indonesia”.

In addition, he also explained that his I COIN will continue to be developed and is also present on 3 platforms, namely metaverse, game and NFT market place.

Purpose of I COIN (Indonesian Coin)

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As Wirda said, “In order to be an example for young people, not only users, but also creators? and should be really basic, there is a use case. This coin has 3 products to develop.







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